Dodge Dart Inspired By You – Contest Entry

I created these two images for the contest at Deviant Art. Unfortunately the 2nd one I could not upload since the time ran out for submitting it.

The Contest was about to create any artwork about the new Dodge Dart. Well, most of the people went the road of showing the car in a lot of (great and bad) variations. But I tried to create something without the car. Since the word „Dart“ already consists of the word „Art“ I wanted to play around with that and created the D-Art. Heavily influenced by Andy Warhol´s famous pop art images of Marilyn Monroe each D represents some element of the car. All colors of each square are available colors for the car and all D´s include some details of the car itself. Each individual D is a art for its own – therefor : D-Art!

The museum was also a bit of a wordplay. Acutally I wanted to create more details but like I said, I ran out of time and could not finish it. Some of the elements are the huge entry in the style of the grille logo and the grille itself. Also the knob for the audio system was placed as a fountain in the scene. I think it could have been a cool alternative to some other images.

Anyway – Hope you like it.